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Askoll M500

Hier ein Beitrag von Martin aus Kalundborg Dänemark

Er hat ein Askoll M500 Motor der nicht mehr funktioniert; möglicherweise sind die zersprungene Ferrite der Transformatoren die Ursache für den Ausfall der Motor, sichtbar in Bild. Ich habe auch so ein Motor gehabt; könnte aber nicht zerlegen, es können verschiedene Versionen sein; Technik  made by Arcelik.

Hi Leon.
The Askoll M500 motor can you part from eathother.

I have just done it. The pcb and inductor go in one part and the kuhl korper und axel in another part.

I have not repairt the motor.
All the ferrit about the copper wire is with small crack, but i have same resistans in every of the 3 wire, but the crack in the ferrit and the visible cupper wire in the plast and the plast is bulge a very little. I think it has been warm. The motor is equipped with a Microship PIC controllet with software. The intern 15V and 3,3V and 2,5 V reference is OK. It is from a 2 year and 13 days old Blomberg machine made from Arcelik in Turkey. The buy all the old brands incl. Grundig and much more earlier good brands.
Its OK you chare the information, but i have not before made work outside Denmark.
I hsve attached 2 more pictures of the motor.
Like you i have also look many Bosch Siemens washing machines with bad bearings only 3 year old and with glued tubes and turkey markt bearings. In the year 1995-1999 they make the best machines.
The crack in my ferrit could be the problem with the motor as the crack maybe could do the induction in the motor smaller with to big current in it. It make a little short step when i try to start the mashine. Over the 0,05 ohm resistor it could measure the current.

 Askol 500 (4)
Askol 500 (2)

Askoll M500